Sunday, September 4, 2016

Garden Sculptures in the Neighborhood

Now that the summer season is officially coming to a close with the Labor Day weekend, it seems fitting to do a retrospective review of the garden sculptures and ornaments that grabbed my attention on our daily walks over the past many weeks. In the heat of the summer in this concrete jungle, we take to the neighborhood sidewalks covered by the shade of tall buildings and large trees rather than the national mall that is totally exposed to the full sun of the day. Walking along these paths presents a very different view of the surroundings compared to the Smithsonian buildings and Capitol complex. The tastes in the gardens are personal, whimsical, and everything otherwise. The front yards are generally tiny patches of space that range from well manicured to completely unkempt. But the most thoughtful homeowners distinguish their garden from all the rest by introducing a permanent element of sorts that must represent something that is pleasing to their eyes. So as another season passes, the flowers and the plants are preparing for the fall ahead. More often than not, many of these eye catching pieces will remain in place next year. Hopefully, we'll have an opportunity to see them all again. 

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