Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Staples For Photo Paper and Such for the Wagtime Gallery Wall

I've been putting it off for awhile. I needed photo spray glue and glossy photo paper for my Wagtime gallery wall. The last time I was at the shop - located across from the historic Navy Yards - to hang my digital pet portraits in June, the business card holders disappeared as well as my logo! So since my husband has jury duty tomorrow I thought getting these items today would keep me busy tomorrow during his absence. I could print up the latest batch of pet portraits, create another logo sign for LITDigital Art, print out some business cards, and generally prepare for an update to the wall before the end of the month. So we drove to Staples in Alexandria. The Kodak glossy photo paper was there, but the scotch photo glue wasn't. So I settled on an all purpose spray glue and hope it will work. Unfortunately they didn't have any sort of adhesive business card holder that I could stick to the wall. Then I remembered I got the last ones on Amazon. In the mean time I've been using the putty glue stuff, but that just won't last long. As I'm thinking about it, it is  almost four years since I initially started displaying my portraits at Wagtime. It's a great way to showcase my work, and I have Lisa Schrieber to thank - again! Now I just have to get organized once again, after I walk with or drive my husband over to the courthouse. 

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