Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Jury Duty Chase Debit Card Saga Continues

Not a lot of people would go to so much trouble to get $4.00, and I'm certain that is just what the government is counting on. But since we are retired, and I find this whole situation laughable as well as totally inconvenient and nonsensical, I will pursue it to the end. For the privilege of being summoned to jury duty four times in the last ten years, one gets a $4.00 transportation reimbursement. We used to get a check in the mail. Now, a Chase debit card is distributed but you cannot access it until after 5 PM on the day you attend. Both my husband and I were summoned within one week of each other, so we had two debit cards to cash in. After reading through all the documentation, which in itself is mindboggling, we stopped at our Bank of America to collect our dues. After about twenty minutes of back and forth and holding up the teller line and signing our lives away, we were able to cash my husband's card because he had his ID on him. I didn't have my ID because we stopped in after our morning walk and I don't carry that stuff on me. So I found where the ATM's are located in the neighborhood for this card. There are no Chase ATM's anywhere near us, so I checked where Allpoint ATM's are located - one in the Walgreens at union station, where we walk when it is blazing hot outside. We ventured out that way today, found the ATM, and tried it. Are you kidding? The machine doesn't even register that low of an amount to cash in. All it would tell me is that I have $4.00 on the card. All I want to do is cash this thing in. I think we will wait until we take another trip to our bank. They certainly weren't happy about this transaction to begin with and I don't blame them. What on earth do other people do? I'm guessing they just don't have the time for all this nonsense. 

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  1. I am currently trying to get answer from the DC Courts and Chase about how to get my money from this card. Glad I am not the only one in DC who thinks this "innovation" is nonsense.