Sunday, December 18, 2016

DOT Visitor Parking Pass

One of the privileges of living in Washington DC is street parking. I am kidding of course. We had a two car garage and a long driveway to park even more vehicles when we lived in the Midwest. But since we moved to Capitol Hill, it's one of the things I miss the most. So you get to spend even more money to get a parking sticker for your car so you can park it in the street. On top of that, every once in awhile visitors do stop by, and they are in a predicament if they don't have a parking sticker on their car. So every year, we apply for a visitor parking pass. It's "free" because we are residents. It can be given to anyone visiting us. But as most things go in this town, these passes are used and abused. When you receive the pass, the information warns of heavy fines if it is not used as intended. We are just happy that we have it if we need it. But don't get me started on how people park around here. It's a long story and it is after all the Christmas season!

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