Friday, December 2, 2016

The Italian Place in Alexandria

While traveling down Washington Avenue in old town Alexandria a couple months ago, I noticed construction on a side street next to a gas station. I didn't know what it was. It looked like a house. Turns out is it a new Italian market and subs place. So on our way home from our Subaru checkup, we decided to stop in and see what was up. We ordered two of the featured subs and a meatball sandwich or grinder, picked up a couple bottles of wine, and some pesto sauce. The proprietor was very enthusiastic and the back story can be found on Google. Was it any good? I think we should have eaten the subs while they were warm. We saved them for dinner, so they weren't as good, although the meatball sub was. We didn't notice the soup and bread option, and would go back and try that. We like to support neighborhood business when we can so we will give it another try. It was also raining that day - things always seem better on a bright sunny day. We hope they do well. It's another option for the lunch crowd and it's in a good spot.

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