Friday, December 30, 2016

Voorthuis Eyewear in Alexandria

Since I gave up contacts several years ago, it's really important to have decent eyeglasses. I also like them to make some kind of statement. My husband finally broke down and got some new glasses last week at Voorthuis in Alexandria. We've been going there since we moved to DC. In Milwaukee, we loved Optix on the east side - they always had unusual and interesting glasses. Since we both got new prescriptions at the eye doctor last month, I decided it was time to get a new pair to start out the new year and celebrate my first year retirement anniversary coming up in February. So when we picked his glasses up today, we looked at a few options for me ... since I can't see what I'm looking at, I took a few selfies. My husband has a very particular point of view for fashion and Eyewear, while I can never make up my mind, and everything looks good. So with the help of three of the sales folks at Voorthuis, I went through the final frame selections with them. And wouldn't you know, they ended up liking the ones he had chosen at the very first. So I hope they turn out as well as they all made me believe. But I know I can depend on my husband's taste - after all these years.

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