Saturday, December 31, 2016

Air and Space Museum Hawk

As we do every morning, we walk to the national mall for our daily exercise. We pass by the Library of Congress, House Office Buildings, the Capitol, the US Botanic Garden, Smithsonian American Indian Museum, then on to the Air and Space Museum. I thought I saw something flutter by from the corner of my eye as we were about to cross the street going forward. I knew what it was - a huge fluffy hawk. I have a very different opinion of the large birds since we saw one swoop down and take out a squirrel right in our neighborhood. It was an unforgettable sight! This one looked like he was on the prowl looking around for something. I was almost skiddish getting too close thinking he might attack! A crowd started forming when they realized I was looking up at something interesting. What's funny is that we took a cross country trip to California this summer and hardly saw a bird or animal in the wilderness. Here we are on Independence Avenue in the middle of Washington DC and we see more wild life - or at least the same as we did when we lived in Wisconsin. Last week we saw an eagle flapping on to the top branches of a tree as we turned on to the GW Parkway. You just need to keep your eyes open and your camera ready.

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