Friday, December 16, 2016

Trains at the US Botanic Garden

We've been wanting to go there for the last couple of weeks. But we also wanted to avoid the long lines and crowds on the weekend. So this morning we finally made it to see the trains at the US Botanic Garden. After our usual walk in the very frigid cold wearing heavy duty inner and outerwear, we sweated our way through the beautiful exhibit that was filled with too many school groups and loitering visitors! The nerve! Even at the quiet times it is busy, but it is well worth the time. This year the trains were surrounded by all the great American monuments and show stoppers found across the country - from Jefferson's Monticello to Las Vegas. It was ironic in that we just took a cross country car trip from DC to California and back a couple months ago, and relished in the richness and flavor of the states and the country as a whole. We've been coming to see this special Christmas display since we moved to DC ten years ago and many times before that. It's all made out of plant material and is such a whimsical way to see the trains. I'm glad we finally saw it, and wouldn't mind seeing it again! But we still need to get to the Capitol Christmas Tree at dusk to see the lights up close. So much to do and see!

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