Friday, February 8, 2013

Fine Art America - Sold!

One of the cool things about belonging to Fine Art America is the immediate feedback you get whenever anything happens. The best feedback is when something gets sold. Not only do you find out immediately, but a bunch of people comment about the fact that it happened. And every once in awhile, an email is sent to update you on the views each piece gets over the prior period. It is interesting to see what is being viewed, where it is being viewed from, and the highest number of hits per piece. In my work at the corporate office in health care in Milwaukee, and in my current job at the Library, I spend a lot of time tracking performance measures. Having the information and understanding the trends redirects focus on certain activities. I guess you could say I use the data from Etsy, Fine Art America, and Blogger to direct what type of art, blogs, and themes I should focus on. I never liked math or anything related to it, and heaven knows I hated statistics. I'm using data not only for work, but also in my personal life. That's really hard to imagine from someone who fell out if bed worrying about a geometry exam in high school.

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