Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Frenzy McLean Decorate for Fall and Halloween

Having been cooped up all week in the apartment for a variety of reasons, we decided we needed to take a ride and stock up on wine and cheese at The Total Wine Store in McLean. Perhaps we could drown our house sorrows (water leaking) with a small sip or two! Along the George Washington Parkway the tourists were getting restless and removed the barricades to the scenic overviews. The parking areas were full of "lawbreakers" who have been prohibited to enter the parks and monuments due to the government shutdown. I don't think anyone is enforcing the signs. We saw another family scaling the fence to Roosevelt Island. The Potomac River was weirdly empty of watercraft. Even though it is in the 80's today, it was a delight to see the Fall Frenzy "store" set up on the corner by the wine store. Away from the deadbeat Washington DC neighborhood, life goes on for the majority or people. The kids were having a great time trying to locate the scariest ghost and scarecrow. I always liked the fall season, and it's going to happen regardless of what goes on in our Capitol Hill  neighborhood. Looks like I won't need to go to work again tomorrow.  Maybe now I can start to enjoy the time off. 

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