Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flu Shots at CVS, Giant, and Library of Congress

It was time to get flu shots. My husband doesn't like going to the medical office just for that so we went back to the same CVS he visited last year. Unfortunately, the nurse had just taken off for lunch. Rather than wait around we noticed that the Giant Food Store right next door was also handing the shots out. It was strange to have it done at a pharmacy connected to a grocery store, and the tech or pharmacist who gave it seemed like it was the first time. I got my flu shot today at work. The scene was much different in the magnificent Madison Hall in the Library of Congress Madison Building. It's an employee perk, I filled out the paperwork beforehand, a very short wait, and really easy all around. Working in health care thirty years it was not an option to get a flu shot - you had no choice.  Here, it's just a good idea. And there are so many ways to get one. 

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