Friday, October 4, 2013

Tyson's and McLean Metro Stops

Over the last many months we have seen the development of the metro rail line to McLean and Tyson's. The last time we went to Dulles Airport, the track was stretching further and further along. Today we decided a late lunch was in order (since I've been furloughed all week) and headed towards Cafe Deluxe. I'm still amazed how these structures are built, and now there is a new development by the Tyson's station by the mall. A residential complex is being built right next to the station. A handy convenience I am sure. But it all looks so ugly! My understanding is that the intention is to develop green space and walking areas. And over time, it will probably look better.  I'm wondering if it will reduce the amount of car traffic in this neighborhood. On our way home, we were diverted away from our usual route near the Capitol Building only to find out that there was a shooting going on. It's great to live on Capitol Hill, but not for these reasons. There is simply too much excitement going on around here lately. 

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