Monday, October 28, 2013

Flents Quiet Please Earplugs

I've been using earplugs for over thirty years. I guess you could call me an expert on good earplug products. I've tried several, but have found that Flents Quiet Please work the best. You really need to follow directions, or they won't work. The last time we went to the drugstore for replacements, Flents could not be found. They only had another unfamiliar brand. I was very reluctant to try them, and it turned out I was right. So I decided to head straight to Amazon and order up a big supply that would last awhile. And of course, they had them in as many sizes as you wanted. Too bad I didn't order it before the minimum purchase amount for free delivery was changed! Anyway, the box with 100 pair arrived shortly after it was ordered. And the large volume plastic container came with a little green travel case. How convenient! My husband recently found that using earplugs occasionally helps him muffles out annoying sounds like water dripping from leaky pipes, a common problem in this town. So we will add earplugs to our list of bulk, large volume items that we need but necessarily can't find around town - filters for everything, and decaf tea. Now I just need to find space for all this junk in our tiny place. 

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  1. Earplugs should be worn while driving, clubbing, and swimming. I also have been using them from quite a long time. They are even reusable and can be worn again.