Thursday, October 17, 2013

@WaPoExpress - Washington Post Blog Log

I've been writing a daily blog for about three years - and I mean DAILY. The purpose of the blog is to compare living in the Midwest to living in Washington DC. And as you can see, or already know, there are a lot of differences. Since my real job for thirty years in health care and now as a federal employee is tracking performance, I like to figure out where some of these blog entries turn up that increase the traffic. DC Blogs has noted a few; I've used some of the subject matter to write vignettes for The Hill Rag Community News; and one entry about parking landed in Reddit. Today I noticed WaPoExpress was a source for a recent observation about waving orange flags in the crosswalk at Washington Hospital Center. It's really enlightening to think someone liked - or didn't like - the post well enough to share it. When I saw it noted in The Washington Post I liked it even more. Thanks for noting my entries. I really appreciate it!

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