Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Voorthuis Eyewear and Free Time Coming to an End

It's been three years since I got a new pair of glasses. I still can't see the side of a barn, and cataract surgery is in my future. I thought that was for old people. My prescription changed slightly and having switched from contacts to glasses again a few years back, updating glass frames would become a routine. So we headed out to Voorthuis on King Street in Alexandria, where I got my last pair. I always gravitate towards anything green, and this was the case again today. My husband really likes the disappearing light weight frames. I prefer to make some kind of statement if I need to wear the darn things. So my current glasses will become the back ups when these are ready within the next two weeks. While there, my husband got his glasses unbent and cleaned. Unfortunately my free time is coming to an end after the government shutdown gets resolved. I haven't had this kind of time off in my close to forty years in the work force. But I never worked for the Federal government until we moved here. Maybe I should have done it sooner?

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