Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Washington Hospital Center Warning Sign

Hopefully this is the last time we need to visit the eye doctor for awhile. We needed to go for the third time in two weeks for a recheck after my husband had treatment with a Yag laser last week. Washington Hospital Center is a tertiary care facility, which means it is huge, has many buildings, and a lot of traffic - even by the physician office building. I must have missed it the last time, but there is now a sign posted at the crosswalk. Someone must have been hit or nearly hit to need a sign like this. It not only reminds you to stop and look left and right, but to be on the safe side, it advises you to carry an orange flag so you are more visible to the drivers. The orange flags are supplied right below the sign. I can't imagine waving an orange flag around just to cross the street when I have the right of way. But in this town, I am not surprised. 

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