Monday, October 7, 2013

The Distinguished House on Capitol Hill

Some days we actually miss our house in Milwaukee. Not the state of Wisconsin, but the house.  If we ever had need of help to fix a problem, we always had someone who would come immediately and put an end to it. I can't say that about living here. If I had to pick a house in the neighborhood that vaguely looks and has the feel of our old home, it's one that is located on Third Street near the Library of Congress Adams Building. It has columns, a circle driveway, a nice yard, only two stories, and looks like an individual home rather than a row or townhouse. I'm sure there is a fireplace or two. I'm not sure they would have any more luck getting help fixing a problem any more than we do. All I know is that when you have your own house you definitely have more control over how to go about it. I suppose it wouldn't be so bad, but our routine schedules have been completely disrupted given the government shutdown, having to battle this nagging cold/flu thing for the last eight days, eye surgery this week, and house problems. I suppose it can only get better - or let's hope so. 

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