Friday, October 18, 2013

The Washington DC Mattress Monument and Landmark

I have always loved going for car rides. And I like it even more when I am in the front passenger seat. When we leave the house and get on the freeway, that is only a few blocks away, we see the sights of Washington DC that a lot of others have only viewed in pictures, TV, or the Internet. I am consistently awestruck by the images...the Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial...and the mattress. It's been about a year or more and that same once blue mattress has now faded and and is falling apart at the seams. There is roadwork taking place right next to it by the tunnel that it sits behind. Off in the distance is the Jefferson Memorial, but I can't say this piece of junk adds much to the scenery. It is not unusual to come across mattresses sitting on the sidewalks on Capitol Hill. It always takes quite some time for them to get removed. Eventually someone calls to have it picked up. In Milwaukee, this rarely happened. If you had junk to get rid of, you either brought it to the dumpster or called to have the city pick it up. This mattress must have flown off a truck and no one noticed. The difference is no one seems to care, or want to do anything about it. So now it has become another DC landmark - just not as remarkable as the others. 

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