Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween in the Neighborhood

Even though it is mid October, it's been unseasonably warm. Perhaps that has something to do with the paucity of Halloween decor. We intentionally walked through the neighborhood rather than the Mall to see if anything interesting has been set up. It seems it is either all out, or nothing at all because there is not much in between. The best place had a really interesting scene on the corner that included a ghost with a pumpkin head and hay outfit, along with Death. There are plenty of skeletons with their pooches taking it easy on the patio. I also liked the litttle girl swinging in the tree at another place. Further down the block, one could easily pass by the frightening gnome! I don't care for the white spider web stuff draped over everything and we wondered how well it stands up in the foul weather. We may take a ride to Alexandria where the spooks are sometimes more disagreeable. Maybe things will get more gruesome as we close in on Halloween. In the meantime, we appreciate all the work that goes in to making this all very interesting. Living in a condo precludes a lot of this merry making. And in some instances, that's not so bad.

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