Wednesday, October 26, 2016

LlBean Beats Out Cole Haan Winter Coat

I have a very old and very heavy suede fur lined coat that weighs a ton. It's nice, but it is really heavy! And for daily walking in winter, it's okay - but it's not waterproof and the wind manages to creep in. The last few winters in DC have felt like Milwaukee, so I've been on the look out for a functional winter coat that can keep the wind, cold, and rain off me. Since I retired in February, I have been slowly exchanging work and business attire for retired attire. I found a great looking Cole Haan coat that was thirty per cent off.  It was a longer length with faux fur trim. But I'm not so sure it was water proof, it had an asymmetrical cut, and it was more in the line of my old school thinking. So before I considered it we went to my new go to place LLBean. We found a few options, but there was one that I kept trying on and driving my husband nuts with. He is more in to looks than function, and sometimes looks just don't fill the bill. This LlBean knee length down coat, that is water repellant, and has all kinds of adjusting features to it, just seemed to be more in line with what I needed for the upcoming windy and cold days of winter. Forget about looks! It's nothing particularly fashionable, but will hopefully keep me warm when walking and standing in one place like for Inauguration Day, which has routinely been very cold!  Now I'm waiting for the first day to try it out. I hope it does all that it says it will!

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