Thursday, October 20, 2016

Harris Teeter in Virginia = Cost Savings, Discounts, and Senior Thursdays

Everything is expensive in DC - especially groceries. DC also penalizes you if you want plastic bags, so you need to bring your own recyclable bags. For that reason, we usually go grocery shopping at Safeway in Virginia on Saturday after brunch. It's just cheaper in Virginia. When we got our flu shots at Safeway, we received two coupons for 10% off groceries up to $200. When we came back from our roadtrip to California, we loaded up and used one of the Safeway coupons a couple weeks ago. But today after lunch, we decided to go to Harris Teeter in the neighborhood we were driving through in Virginia because Thursday is Senior Citizen day, which means an additional 5% off your bill. On top of that, there were a lot of sales going on. We ended up getting two or more of a lot of staple items. We also picked up a small pumpkin, gourd, and something in between. Yes, we could go to the Harris Teeter right in our neighborhood - on Thursday - but the stuff is so expensive to begin with. Since we are usually in Virginia during the week, we need to plan grocery day around it for the overall lower prices, the exceptional deals, and the senior discount. The senior discount amounted to $7.50 and the specials for about $20.00. When we left we just felt better that we weren't robbed, and had a lot of grocery bags to prove it.

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