Monday, October 3, 2016

Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda

Richard Nixon was an interesting person. So we decided to visit his library in Yorba Linda for history sake. We've been to several presidential libraries from Roosevelt to Truman to Kennedy. But wouldn't you know this place was mostly closed for renovation with the grand reopening ceremony scheduled for next week. But we had the chance to see his birthplace and boyhood home. I liked the understated docent and the fact that 90% of what was in the original house was the real thing. Outside was the grave site of both the president and Pat Nixon. There was a wedding about to take place and the grounds were peaceful and serene. We will most likely never be here again, so it was worth the trip. It feels odd to see places like this where we actually lived and knew of this person. We are getting older, and it feels a little weird. 

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