Monday, October 24, 2016

In Search of Wooden Ducks - Thanks Etsy!

Our son has a collection of six wooden ducks/geese that he purchased at Eastern Market down the street several years ago. They have since moved away from DC, and he asked if we could check to see if the flea market still sells these items there. We checked both Saturday and Sunday, but none of the vendors had them. Our son usually can find whatever he is looking for on line. But having also searched what might be available out there, I came up with nothing. Then I thought of Etsy, and I know he didn't! I have an Etsy shop for my digital art custom pet portraits and thought someone might have these fifteen inch bamboo carved statues because there are so many vintage and variety shops on Etsy. I found five vendors who sold them, but not one of them had six in total. Three of the shops were in England! There was a collection of three, which I thought would work nicely, and another shop that hand painted them in to various costumes. I contacted each one of the shop owners to see if they could obtain six, or give me an idea where I might be able to locate them. One vendor was able to muster up four more - she had them in her barn! So between the two vendors in the U.K., I was able to put together a grouping that worked. After checking with our son to make sure the statues met his requirements (plain, undecorated, go with the current items he already had), I made two purchases using Etsy. I've never purchased anything using Etsy before, and was impressed with the quick response time of all the folks I dealt with, and the ease of check out. I guess the real test will be to see how all these ducks/geese look upon arrival. It was an interesting process. And our contribution to our son's house decor came all the way from across the ocean - with the shipping costs that goes along with it!

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