Monday, October 31, 2016

Capitol Grounds Sunset

My husband prefers to walk in the morning. I, on the other hand, prefer to walk in late afternoon or early evening. He likes to hit the hay by midnight; I could easily stay up until 2 am. He likes to get up at six in the morning. I am hard pressed to get up before 9:30. In the summer I do get up before 8:30 because it is so horribly hot. But now that things are cooling off, I am back to my old pattern. The only day we don't do our morning walk is Saturday. We usually head out to McLean Family Restaurant for brunch, and then do grocery shopping. So it is on that day that I can sometimes persuade him to take a promenade later in the day. And so was the case this past weekend. Things just look so much prettier to me at that time of the day, and perfect for photos. So we wandered over to the Capitol and sat for awhile observing the scenery, and meandered around the west lawn where inaugural closures don't allow one to walk to the Capitol steps because of construction. It was simply marvelous. I just wish I felt that way in the morning!

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