Tuesday, November 22, 2016

LLBean or Columbia?

Not to be outdone by my new winter outerwear from LLBean, my husband showed interest in my fleece lined pants that I will probably wear every morning during the winter months on our daily walks on the National Mall. Since I retired in February, my wardrobe is slowly being exchanged from office wear to casual daily wear. And as the seasons change, a couple new items are added to ensure that I will be comfortable when we do walk. I hate the cold weather, and every little bit helps. So we visited LLBean yesterday in Tysons and it was already very busy for a Monday early afternoon. We found the fleece lined pants and also looked at the jackets. His old blue one is almost twenty years old - we went to the winter gear store in Milwaukee and ended up with a Columbia brand. It lasted through many ugly and long winters, dog walks, and driveway shoveling. But now we found a replacement coat that is lighter, warmer, and water repellant. So he salvaged the inner fleece lining of the old blue coat and tried out the new gear this morning - lovely! Now LLBean is his brand of choice too, and all the ten dollar coupons start to add up. I'll need to check the on line deals and catalogue and find out what else is out there. It's so nice being retired, but I still don't like winter.

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