Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Virginian Restaurant in Vienna Virginia - French Toast?

My husband is always on the lookout for French toast. While at the Vienna Inn the other day, the proprietor mentioned that The Virginian Restaurant down the street had the most marvelous French toast. It sounded funny since he was basically telling us to eat at another place! So yesterday we decided to try it, and passed by our usual haunt - McLean Family Restaurant - in McLean to get there.  I rather like the name of the place - The Virginian - because I was and still am a huge fan of James Drury from the western television series of the same name. We even met James Drury in Pennsylvania a few years back. Another odd thing about the place is that it is in the same shopping plaza as Urban Mattress - the place we bought our Murphy bed mattress last year. That started our latest love affair with Vienna. Anyway, The Virginian Restaurant lived up to our expectations. It was very clean, mildly busy, the food was great, and the parking easy. We usually get a cup of soup too, but forgot about that in our French toast excitement. So that is reason enough to go back and try the soup. So now we have another breakfast place to visit. Too bad it takes about 45 minutes to get there, but it's worth the trip.

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