Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Capitol Hawk

A couple of years ago we saw a hawk swoop down on a bunch of ducks at the pond by the American Indian Museum. Last year there was another one on the National Mall playing havoc with a bunch of smaller birds. In Milwaukee, a big one sat on the birdbath on the patio, looking quite proud. This morning, as we were passing through the Capitol Grounds on our usual walk, I happened to turn my head to the left, and there was one sitting just a few feet away in a tree with a couple squirrels who were quite agitated. Then it flew to a nearby tree across from the house office buildings and watched everything underfoot. Both my husband and I walked in closer to get better looks, until it flew over our heads on to the middle of the Capitol Grounds. So I followed it along, and only realized how big that bird was when I looked at the photos afterwards. It didn't stay in that tree very long until it moved on to the next one. We know that hawks are not uncommon around here. It's just been awhile since we've seen one up close and personal. I think I could really enjoy bird watching, but I don't think I could drag my husband along for the ride. So I'll settle for these rare occasions. The scenery couldn't be better!

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