Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Voyageur Outward Bound Canoe Trip and Snail Mail

For the third time, our grandson is on an Outward Bound expedition for three weeks. Two years ago he was on the Appalachian Trail; last year he was in the Rocky Mountains; and this year he is in or near Canada for a three week canoe trip. The last two years he has flown alone to the starting destination. It was Deluth, Minnesota a week ago for this one. From there, they headed north to further explore the great outdoors. Our daughter in law sent us an update on the progress written by the guy in charge - no more cell phones or contact with the outside world. But hidden in the text was a general “request” to send hard copy letters - like in the old days - that would be distributed to the weary travelers on their final day. After “surviving” in the wilderness it’s always nice to hear from family or otherwise. So I thought my husband and I would contribute to the letter campaign and took out a piece of paper and starting writing - in script. It’s been so long I almost forgot how to do it! Kiddingly I wanted to know if our grandson had as much trouble even reading it as I had writing it. So we sent it off from Grandma and Grandpa, hoping it reaches him in plenty of time. Our grandson is exactly fifty years younger than me, which makes it easy to remember how old he is, but even harder to believe how time flies. It’s really nice that he has an opportunity to participate in all these experiences - it all sounds more like torture to me. If it’s had any impact on him, I think it’s all been very positive. But I think he will become a really nice person with or without it. It’s nice to put that in writing. 

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