Friday, January 11, 2019

Too Much Work to Dress for Winter

We walk every morning. We live in a condo on Capitol Hill that has no amenities - that means no fitness center or 24 hour concierge service - just condo units. In summer, that means wearing shorts, shirt, sun hat and taking a water bottle to survive in the humid and hot weather. The path is oftentimes to Union Station so we can do some of the walk in air conditioning. Winter is something else. Having lived in the Midwest for thirty years was very cold, but DC winter matches it as far as temps and wind. In many respects the snowfall and blizzards also seem the same - just less frequent. But getting ready to walk out in this awful weather is exercise in itself - long underwear, stockings, wool socks, a second layer of pants, fleece, scarf, mittens, long winter coat with a faux fur hood, and a lumberjack hat. The one item I take with me everyday regardless of heat or cold is my Embr Wave bracelet. I set it to the extended mode for short bursts of continuous heat or cold depending on what’s going on outside. It really takes the edge off whatever extremes are out there. I used to prefer the heat to the cold, but I don’t like either extreme anymore. At least I have a gadget that helps me think it’s warmer, or cooler. But nothing will change the amount of clothes you have to pile on and take off. It reminds me of Ralphie’s little brother in “A Christmas Story.” That’s not very pretty - or funny at this age. 

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