Thursday, January 3, 2013

113th Congress

It seemed like a good idea to change up my afternoon walking path. So I hoofed it over to the Capitol Visitor Center, which was unusually quiet. On the way back through the tunnel to the Library Jefferson Building there were more signs of swearing in ceremony celebrations taking place. Off to the House Longworth Building I headed. The hallways in the Cannon Office Building basement were packed with furniture waiting to be claimed for all the reassigned office spaces. Once past the basement, I have never seen more stuffed blue suits with attached family members wearing name tags managing their way through the long shiny floored halls of Congress. I didn't recognize anyone as I usually leave that up to my husband. I happened to pass by the office of the just reelected House Speaker. Back at the Library, more signs of celebrations were visible on the sixth floor. It all seems so glamorous from afar? But it is oh so very different in person.

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