Saturday, January 19, 2013

Inauguration is Fun for Visitors and Hell for Residents

> The freeway was blocked off for a HUGE motorcade on our way to lunch late this morning. It seemed strange because there was no traffic on the other side, and then it was backed up as far as the eye could see. On the way home, we took our usual route down Independence Avenue where we were stopped for about half an hour for another HUGE motorcade to pass by right by the Washington Monument. On the roof tops of many buildings preparations for viewing or shut downs for security purposes are being made. There are fences and barricades EVERYWHERE. We can't even travel on the usual streets to our house because they are blocked off- another reason to leave the car and never touch it again until after Monday. Parking is exceptionally difficult because emergency no parking is also in place all around the neighborhood. Since we have no tickets for the event, the viewing areas for non ticketed goers are close to the Washington Monument, and to walk to the parade route from here is really convoluted. Police, helicopters, and porta potties are everywhere. One can only imagine the logistics nightmare of it all. It is all so very exciting for some, but also very irritating for others. My friend is leaving town on Monday and needs to get to the airport. My only advice is to give yourself plenty of extra time. I think she is going to need it!

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