Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fine Art America

I love to draw and sketch on my IPad. So much so that I have an Etsy Shop called LITDigitalPaintings where I have had some luck to create custom dog portraits all the way from Australia, California, and Oregon. I've recently added a few sketches called the Iran Travelogue of quirky scenes we encountered on our visit there a couple years ago. But the end product from the Etsy Shop is a jpeg image. Last week I decided to give Fine Art America a try. This site gives folks an opportunity to purchase the images framed, on canvas, posters, acrylics, as greeting cards - you name it - in a variety of sizes and styles. It's a great way to showcase a portfolio and have a professional product delivered for either the digital paintings I create or the photographs I really like. You can also use a ready made personal website that mirrors the content on the general website. It's fun to see who views the images from just about anywhere worldwide. So if you are looking for an alternate way to get your hands on art, give Fine Art a looksy. From an artist's perspective, it's a great way to market designs and images that may otherwise go unnoticed. But I wouldn't give up my day job - which is why I went in to Nursing in the 70's and had a healthy 30 year career in Wisconsin. Now I'm a Federal employee... glad to live in a city and have a hobby with a lot of great options to inspire both digital art and photography.

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