Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hill Rag Wall Art & Classified Ad

Every month we eagerly anticipate the Hill Rag - not so much for the news and information, but to see what will be on the cover. We like to hang it in our TV room for an ever changing art display. Most often, whatever is on the cover matches the room. I was hoping one day to have an art image of mine acceptable enough to land on the cover. I'm not holding my breath, because I'm too realistic. In the mean time I've taken out a classified ad in The Hill Rag for my specialty digital pet portraits. There are a lot of cats and dogs on Capitol Hill who need to be memorialized! I've got an Etsy Shop on line - LIT Digital Paintings - and have had a lot of positive feedback on work I've done for folks who live in Oregon, California, and as far away as Australia. I'm currently working on an Iran art travelogue of sorts and posting those images on the shop as well. It's really fun to work on a project and get such great feedback. But I'd still love to have a cover on Hill Rag. Any ideas?

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