Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hunan Dynasty

We have gone to Hunan Dynasty since we started visiting and living on Capitol Hill. You could call it a traditional mainstay and has been in the same location on Pennsylvania Avenue for years. The pictures on the wall with all the dignitaries prove it. We had not been there for quite some time. Because we were rather fenced and boxed in over inauguration weekend we knew if we moved the car we would never find another space as we do not have a garage - something I really miss. We had a two car garage in Milwaukee and never had parking issues. So it was time to make the rounds at Hunan. I couldn't believe how quiet it was given all the neighborhood activity. We always get the same thing on the menu which can be bad and good. My husband always comments about the lack of salad and bread but loves the won ton soup. In the end it was "okay." The service is good, the fried rice fair, the platter not so hot, and the fish tank was eye candy. The Harris Teeter egg rolls are better. I need to find out what we should order. Any ideas?

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