Friday, July 26, 2013

Junior Fellows Projects at the Library

It's always nice to break up the work day with an event or presentation at the Library. I never had this kind of experience working in health care. The Thomas Jefferson papers, the newly illustrated Shanameh, and Jill Biden's children's book are the most recent sessions I attended. It's even better when they are held in the beautiful Jefferson Building, which is by far one of the most distinguished structures in the city. Every summer, the Library hosts about 40 junior fellows from all over the country who spend ten weeks working on projects of common interest. It also provides a great connection for future opportunities. My interest in seeing the projects is to talk with a few of the students and learn about their interests and career goals, see the glitter in their eyes, and remember how I felt at that age. Deacidification projects, cataloging music and newspaper photography, copyright materials, Gettysburg hand drawn maps, the Lincoln life mask, and many more items and research were on display and talked about with great enthusiasm. If you don't have kids in your household, and if you ever have any doubt about the young people in America, this kind of event completely restores your faith in the future. 

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