Monday, July 8, 2013

Moby's Mobile Home

Every once in awhile we go on a trip. That means the grandson gets to earn a few bucks collecting the mail, watering the house and garden plants and vegetables, and checking up on things in general. If it's a short weekend trip, he also is responsible for feeding the fish. But because Moby is a very social creature, he can't survive on short visits if the time away is longer. Having heard about this dilemma, our friend offered to loan us the perfect vacation home for our little buddy. Now he will be able to sit on our daughter in law's desk and watch her work. And he will be in a sunny place, which he loves. Having a fish sometimes feels like having a dog.  In Wisconsin we always had someone stay at the house to check the house, but also watch the 100 pound very spoiled Borzoi. Here, we've finally come up with an even better solution for Moby. He likes his new home so much that he's blowing bubbles - the sign of a very happy fish indeed. Maybe it will become his permanent house if he likes it so much. 

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