Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Persian Carpet Critters and Flowers

When we lived in a big house in the Midwest we needed big carpets for all the rooms. So we had several Persian carpets that were made of silk and other materials. We even had a wall hanging in the dining room. They were simply lovely! When we moved to DC we had no space for any of them and we left them all behind. Now we have collected three over the last ten years - all about the same color scheme, with some common elements. I especially love the whimsical animals that are incorporated somehow and the beautiful flowers. The horses and birds are cute, and the Isfahan carpet we brought home from Iran is probably my favorite. The creatures look mythical but bring a smile to my face every time I look at them. I do miss our carpets but they unfortunately would not have fit in this house. I just read something today that people with less possessions are happier? I tend to agree with that and am content that we downsized to this tiny space. But I can't help but think about them once in awhile. I guess I'll need to look at some old photos and continue to appreciate the ones we live with now. 

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