Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"Madison's Hand" Lecture at the Library of Congress

Since I retired in February from the Library of Congress, I keep my eyes open for lectures and presentations there. After all, it is just two blocks from our house, gives us an opportunity to venture out, and usually I run in to some of my past coworkers. So yesterday we went to hear about Madison and his version of the events at the constitutional convention. It was fittingly held in the Madison building, and in the Montpelier Room on the sixth floor. From there, one has a wonderful view of the Capitol building and town below. Obviously work is being done on the deck and walkway around the top floor. This wonderful space was once actually open for employees to sit and relax. But no more! The speaker was the same speaker that was at another lecture in March. I found that one to be much more interesting than the technical views we heard yesterday. It's one thing to go to these presentations, but sometimes they can be rather boring. I would wager most of the attendees were employees - several were munching on their lunch. The best thing about it was that I could walk out of there after it was over rather than have to return to an office. What a great feeling! 

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