Monday, May 2, 2016

Clara Barton Missing Soldier Office

We had instructions to visit the Clara Barton Missing Soldier Office from our visiting friends from Wisconsin. His brother is rather in tune to all things Civil War, and he wanted to have some photos of the place. So we found a parking space on a gloomy afternoon near seventh street and walked up to the boarding house. The site just opened last year after a bunch of artifacts were found in the attic prior to a planned demolition several years back. What remains is the original building that Ms. Barton conducted her missing soldier work and the beginning of the Red Cross. It's amazing how many thousands she was able to get information about and communicate in writing to bereaved relatives. She later moved to Glen Echo to live, store, and conduct Red Cross business. It was very quiet as we were the only "tourists" on a Thursday afternoon. It started with a movie and a tour of the building. To imagine living at that time is interesting at best. I would have fallen down the very narrow staircase and steps with great frequency. Since I was a nurse and once was going to major in history, I knew about Clara Barton. So it was interesting to see the place she lived and conducted business. I'm not so sure anyone else felt the same way. 

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