Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fine Art America, Etsy and Zazzle Sales

Not that it amounts to much, but over the last few weeks I have received notice from three different on line marketplaces that three of my items sold. It just amazes me that out of all the millions of items out there that my digital artwork even gets noticed. And the nicest thing about these orders is that I don't have to do anything more with them, except collect the cash! Usually the orders are for custom and memorial pet portraits that need to be painted for a specific person. The first sale was a Betta fish single greeting card from Fine Art America. The second was "The Women on the Steps of Persepolis" painitng from Etsy. It was for a birthday gift and the customer wanted to know the best size to have it printed and displayed. The last one was just this week. It was a t shirt with a vizsla pooch on it from Zazzle. That portrait was one of the first digital custom images I created from an etsy customer. I have uploaded several of my images to Zazzle where various products can be created. It's such a treat to be a part of this experience and every time I hear from any of these places it is really exciting! Thanks for looking at my work! 

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