Monday, September 23, 2013

Latino Festival Parade

This weekend we attended the Library of Congress National Book Festival on the Mall. On the walk home we heard a very rhythmic drum beat and muted flute sound emanating from the sculpture garden area across from the Archives and noticed folks walking towards us in very colorful costumes. It was a parade moving its way down Constitution Avenue which was lined on both sides of the street with festive onlookers. I asked one of the participants what the celebration was about.  He said it was the Latino Festival. Just a few months ago there was a similar sort if thing right in front of the Capitol, but this was a generic parade and included motorcycle riding Hispanics to boot. We started out the afternoon in search of the book festival, but always end up seeing so much more. That is probably the main reason we like living on Capitol Hill. Haven't seen this many parades since I can remember. 

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