Friday, September 27, 2013

The "Mane" Event

The colorful Latino Festival had a parade down Constitution Avenue recently. It included exhuberant participants from all Latino cultures, rather than a specific country. The only reason I know that is because I asked one of the participants. When we walked back home along the Mall on the side of the Art museums, a curious spectacle came in to view. Yes, there are park police on horseback and I have even seen a Clydesdale in front of Bullfeathers. But I really liked the gray horse with the corn rowed mane that was standing by the handler, waiting for the next event to begin. The horses always attract a lot of attention,  but even more in this location. We started our walk with the goal of attending the Library of Congress book festival, and ended up seeing a parade, with motorcycles, and some beautiful horses. I don't recall running in to these types of things in Milwaukee, except at the Sate Fair. But we didn't live downtown there. It is very entertaining to be close to the action, as long as it is as entertaining as this. 

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