Friday, June 17, 2016

A Food Truck Fire

You never know what you will run in to in this neighborhood. Our house is a mess this week because we are having air conditioning work and wall repairs done. So we are walking later than usual to accommodate all the workmen coming in and out. Yesterday around lunch time we ventured out on our usual path and all the streets were blocked off, although pedestrian traffic could get through. I smelled a metallic burning smell and smoke. Right across from Tortilla Coast and a block from the house office buildings was a food truck on fire. There were two or three fire trucks and several police cars surrounding the vehicle. The owner was standing helplessly by, and about ten firemen were hacking away with a hatchet on the top of the truck. It seemed to go on forever. It was more smoke than fire and many gawkers were checking out and photographing the scene - including me. Aside from this, the other food trucks had lines of people waiting to get their lunch, a typical scene this time of the day. So the "Angry Something or Other" truck will be out of commission for awhile. Wonder how the whole thing started? 

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