Saturday, June 25, 2016

Grown to Last Mixed Greens Bouquet Replaces Flowers

We always used to get a small bouquet of flowers to put on the kitchen island when we lived in the Midwest. It just looked pretty. After all, who doesn't love flowers? We don't have a kitchen island in our tiny space in DC. But we have a really nice wall vase - actually it has two levels. At Christmas time I fill it with traditional Christmassy decor to make it look and feel like a tiny tree with lights. During the summer months, if our tiny patio garden has something worth clipping and displaying, I'll use them. A couple weeks ago I had a bunch of hydrangea that looked marvelous! But sometimes the unusual can work as well. Rather than just flowers, we decided to get some longer lasting greens that do the trick. So while at the grocery store this afternoon we found a mixed green bouquet, brought it home, cut it up, and stuck the branches in each vase. The thing about any bouquet is to cut it down to size and play with it until it looks right. I suppose you could say this is my creative side at work, with a lot of encouragement from my husband who has great taste in most things! He usually knows what will look good - I just need to arrange it! 

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