Friday, June 24, 2016

Big Fish Games

I absolutely love my iPhone and iPad. I was on the bandwagon with the first generation models, and have since updated them for my digital art work, and got an iPad for my 93 year old mother who uses hers daily to send emails and read books. I always loved pop up books as a youngster, and it was thrilling for me to have written two children's books that are in the iTunes Store. When we had the first snowstorm here in DC about five years ago, I stumbled across an interactive adventure game that I played on my iPhone during the two week hiatus. And since that time, I am hooked on these games and stories. So every evening before we start watching any serious tv shows, my husband and I sit on the couch together and spend about 45 minutes playing these mystery or adventure games. We've tried a few different ones, but it seems Big Fish works the best for us. My husband plays along to keep me company in spite of the fact that he gets quite bored since he isn't the primary player. But each of us has a strength ... I am very visual and can do the puzzles quickly; he is cerebral and can easily solve anything related to math or intricate details. I just don't have the patience - or brain function - for those sorts of things! Even though the story lines are pretty dopey, it's the time together that makes playing them significant. How long will this go on? I hope for quite some time! 

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