Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Forty-three Dollar Melon at Safeway

Always check your receipts. This we learned again today after going to Safeway to restock up on groceries after being away to Florida for a few days. Earlier this week we went to Harris Teeter for mostly fruit. But it is expensive to buy groceries in DC, so we usually get most of them in McLean, Virginia after breakfast at McLean Family Restaurant. The Safeway is just across the street, and it is much cheaper. We did pick up more than usual, but the final bill was much higher than what it should have been. As we were walking out, we both looked at the receipt and noticed a whopping $43.00 charge for not one, but eleven melons. So my husband went back in to fix the oops. While I was waiting outside, I noticed everyone else was scrutinizing their receipts as they were walking to their cars. I just wonder how many times we didn't notice a glitch here and there. Neither one of us can imagine being that careless in our jobs. I'm sure it was an honest mistake, but it seems to happen much too often. I'm just glad we noticed it before we got all the way home. 

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