Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Civil War Exhibition at The Library of Congress

After checking out the Christmas tree in the Main Hall of the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress, I stopped a minute to see the exhibit about the Civil War scheduled through June 1, 2013. From the Library's website, "The Civil War in America assembles more than 200 unique items, many if which have never been seen by the public, to commemorate the sesquicentennial of this nations's greatest military and political upheaval. Drawing from hundreds of thousands of items from across many collections of the Library, the materials included in the exhibition attest to the valor, sacrifices, emotions, and accomplishments of those in both North and South whose lives were affected by the bitter conflict of 1861-1865." I really like to absorb the social and every day living aspects of the time period- the children's toys, the dress, the medical care and living conditions. I belonged to the Milwaukee Civil War Round Table for many years, and went to college with a major in history in mind. Things didn't exactly go that route. But in the end, I am now living in history. Every time I step in to the Jefferson Building I am amazed at not only the building and it's beautiful interior, but all the interesting exhibits that pass this way. And to think that all I have to do is walk over from the Madison Building, where I work, to this one on an afternoon break is amazing.

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