Sunday, June 9, 2013

Frager's Flowers at Eastern Market

I never quite felt the sense of community in Milwaukee. Maybe it was just the time, the place, the neighborhood. We do however, have great friends from Milwaukee! But when the Frager's Hardware store on Capitol Hill burned down last week, everyone in the neighborhood was somehow affected. We walked over to see the last bit of blaze and smoke out of respect. We also signed on to the Facebook page to stay abreast of the latest news about rebuilding and such. So today it was our duty again to welcome back the garden center section of the store that was left unscathed. It is now relocated at Eastern Market, on the same spot the vendors of that market were displaced to when it burned a few years ago! Every one had a flower or plant in hand and stood in line for quite sometime to pay for it. Mayor Gray was there with other city dignitaries. We'll return there and get more plants - after all it is something we can always use. But more importantly, it's for a great cause.

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