Monday, July 22, 2013

Mondays, Sprinklers and Joggers

I have one more day off from our vacation to England before returning to work tomorrow. Getting readjusted to the time takes me awhile. We went to sleep at 9 PM and I got up at 6:30 AM. That is unheard of on a day off. So I decided to follow my husband's retirement routine of walking in the morning and learn the path he typically takes after dropping me off to work along the way. I've NEVER walked the streets of DC at this time of the day. Things look very different. There was a cluster of new Capitol Police recruits that appeared to be going through orientation. I never knew sprinklers existed until I saw them all going off on their designated schedules. It is definitely a time for joggers and walkers, who take advantage of the tiny bit of cooler air and temperatures, slipping under the mist of the sprinklers. There were definitely more women than men. Then the slugs started to emerge - the ones in the suits and ties trudging towards their work places. The groundskeepers were pretending not to watch as the girls passed by, the streets were empty, the dogs ran after the birds and squirrels along the Mall, and the police dog in the car growled at us! A friend of ours knows how much I like Mondays and sent me a T shirt that expresses precisely my point of view. If Monday had a face it would be slapped - whether I'm on vacation or not. 

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