Wednesday, April 19, 2017

DC Spring - Azaleas, Dogwood, Tulips and Ducks

It was almost warmer in February than now, but definitely warmer than March. The cherry blossom crop was half ruined by the wierd freezing temps. The poor magnolias were completely frozen out. It's been hotter than heck already, but then cold the next day. One thing is for sure - the ducks are pairing up, the dogwood are in full bloom, the tulips abound, and the azalea season is underway. This is the first walk we took on the mall today after visiting Florida last week. It was only in the 60's with rain sprinkles, but was best sort of lighting for outdoor photographs. The pair of ducks at the Smithsonian American Indian museum had the whole fountain to themselves, as did the pair at the US Botanic Garden. The well known buildings of DC were flanked by tulips; the Hirshhorn gardens were filled with bright colors; and the neighborhood was awash in all things spring. It's a beautiful time to live in the city - but don't tell anyone.

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